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Liberty State Bank is pleased to introduce Online Banking! Below, you can find information on how to login as well as Online Banking tips! Please feel free to call us with any questions.

Online Banking Login Information
Online Banking Tips!

  Online Banking Login Information 

 Visit our Website:

User ID: Contact Liberty State Bank for Your ID
Password: Last 4 of Your SSN
Click LOGIN under Online Banking.
Under the New Internet User box, click Setup Your Info.
Enter your User ID, Password, and the Random Code that appears.
Accept or Decline the Disclosure Agreement.
Create 3 Security Questions. Next.
Setup a Security Key/Word (a message that will display on your page).

Set up your e-mail information. Finished.

Change your password. Submit.
Success! Click to access account information!

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 Online Banking Tips!

Personalization - Under the Options Tab:

You are able to create your own login that is easy for you to remember.

You are able to pick your own background color.
You are able to nickname all of your accounts so they are easy to recognize.


Calendar - Under the Accounts Tab: 
You may click on an account on any certain day and it will show you the transactions for that day.
You may choose the accounts that you want to be displayed on your calendar.
If you have an event alert such as birthdays or meetings, it will show on your calendar.



Account Alerts - Under the Accounts Tab: 
•   You may set up either an e-mail alert or text alert to let you know when your account is below or above a certain dollar amount.
•   You may also set up event alerts or a reminder to alert you of a special day or event that might be of importance to you.



Setting Up an Alert


Click 'Account Alerts' in the right-hand navigation.


Click the link to add a new Alert.


Select a category from the drop down menu.


Click Continue.


Select an account from the drop down menu.


Fill in the rest of the information.


Select a notifaction method and enter in either your email address or your mobile email.


Click 'Add Alert'.


Review the information on the 'Confirm Alert' screen.


Click 'Submit'.

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