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Visa Cards

Contact our friendly hometown service for all of your Visa Credit or Debit card needs.

 Visa Credit Cards  
• Make your Visa payment at Liberty State Bank
• Contact your Visa Representative one on one

  For balance inquiries, or if your card has been lost or stolen, 
  please call: 1-800-423-7503.

Visa Debit Cards
• Use money from your checking account without writing a check

• Welcome at places that won't accept checks

• Access to cash throughout the US and around the world

• Joint account holders may each recieve a card

• Make withdrawals and balance inquiries

• Get cash back at participating merchants when using your PIN with your debit card

  If your card has been lost or stolen, please call: 1-866-664-9364.
  If you suspect fraudulent activity, or if you want to confirm legitimate activity, 
  please call Vantiv Fraud Operations Hotline call: 1-866-442-0251

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